Endurance Boost

Pack Endurance Boost

Assortment of products specially selected to meet the nutritional needs of high performance and endurance athletes.

Purpose of the Pack

The Packs "Endurance Boost" are integrated by the most efficient products for endurance athletes and those whose activities make a high energy use.

One of these products is caffeine, an ergogenic aid that has been studied and the scientific evidence supports its effects in increasing the duration of exercise by reducing the perception of physical fatigue.

On the other hand, another fundamental element that is present in every pack is carbohydrates. Available from different sources in relation to their ratio of absorption and sustainability of energy and how they deliver glucose to the bloodstream. Thus, if we are carrying out activities of an average duration, certain types will be of more interest than others.

To guarantee the recovery of muscle fibers and to mitigate their degradation, BCAAs or Branched Chain Amino Acids, which play a prominent role in the performance of the athlete, are also included.

Another outstanding aid is Beta-Alanine, a substance that promotes the duration of the activity at a high intensity by acting as a lactate buffer.

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