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  • Rrecovery
  • Maintenance and growth of muscle mass
  • Better performance
This amazing pack has been creater to provide youwith the best nutrient supply in the right moments if you want to increase and mantain lean muscle tissue.

It's made up of two of the best seller products of HSN.


  • People who keep a training routine and want results in less than a month combining aerobic and anaerobic activities with a proper recovery process.
  • Athletes who want to keep their msucla mass and want to improve their goals, increase workout intensity and recover fast for better performance.



Evomatrix 4Kg HSN Sports

Evomatrix is a protein that provides 30 of protein per service. It's enriched with a high proportion og Glutamine as it has glutamine peptides added.

Evomatrix helps increase protein levels in the athlete organism. Thanks to its nice texture and delicious taste, this will be your ideal supplement!

Keeping a proper protein intake is is directly linked to a good recovery and regeneration of the muscle. If you're on a workout routine focused on bodybuilding and keep a good nutrition, lean muscle mass growth process will be effective and progressive.


Evobcaa's 420g HSN Sports

This may be one of the best products as it provides BCAA's: L-Leucine, L-Valine and L-Isoleucine.

This formula provides these amino-acids on a 12:1:1 ratio, so there is more than 6 grams of L-Leucine per serving, the best BCAA to regenerate muscle fibres. It's said that leucine is the mTOR activator, a physiological process at a cellular level that enhances the start-up of the muscle build-up.

L-Glutamina, as one of the most favourable elements for a better recovery, is considered a 'conditionally' essential amino-acid that is often recommended under certain circumstances: high intensity and frequency workouts, or low-calorie intake routines.


Here we'll show you two different ways to use this pack depending when during the day you go for your training session. Dosage will vary according to the person's condition, being:

A) Morning workout

PERI-WORKOUT (without previos meal – recently got up)

  1. Before training: EVOBCAAS (1 or ½ SCOOP)
  2. After training: EVOMATRIX (1 or 2 SCOOPS)

Between meals: 1 EVOMATRIX serving

B) Afternoon workout

Recenty got up: 1 serving EVOMATRIX

PERI-WORKOUT (with previous meal)

  1. Before trianing: if it's been more than 2 hours since last meal, do not take anything. If not the case, follow scheme A)
  2. After training: EVOBCAAS (1 or ½ SCOOP)
  3. After training: EVOWHEY (1 or 2 SCOOPS)

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