Eye Contour
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  • 2 IN 1 CORRECTING EYE CREAM - 30ml - Now Foods
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    Prevents crow's feet and dullness in the eyes.
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  • CREMA ANTI-AGING SYN-AKE - 50ml - Prisma Natural
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  • WRINKLE FILLER - 15ml - Prisma Natural
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Eye Contour

The skin around the eye is the thinnest of the whole human body and it is fundamental to take special care of it. This is due to being a more fragile and suffering more damage and expression contractions.

First of all, hydration is fundamental for eye contour, so the daily use of specific moisturizing creams is essential to look fantastic. In addition, this area tend to be the first to show ageing symptoms.

Fatigue, lack of sleep and toxin accumulation in the eye contour causes dark circles and bags. There are plenty of eye contour creams to reduce their appearance and HSNstore offers a good amount of them. Note that we only offer the best quality eye contour creams, having previously met the most demanding dermatological tests.

Moisturizing creams and serums are very efficient for the eye contour because this area is very delicate. Also, there are two types of creams: to apply at night and to apply in the morning. Bear this in mind and choose the one that suits you better!

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