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Powerful weight-gaining formula based on a complex of top quality proteins and matrix of carbohydrates, incorporating Vitargo

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  • 40g of Protein per serving
  • 136g of Carbohydrates per serving
  • Just 5g of Fat per serving

MASS Core by FA CORE is at the top of product aimed at increasing muscle mass, from an intelligent blend of proteins and carbohydrates to satisfy the needs of the body following an intense workout. MASS Core is a complete and multi-component supplement that supplies the athlete seeking muscle growth and development, when training and eating to this end.

Each serving of MASS Core provides up to 40g of protein of the highest quality that guarantees emphasis on the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Included are di and tri-peptides together with amino acids in free form, based on:

  • Milk whey protein concentrate (Carbelac®)
  • Hydrolysed milk whey protein (Optipep™)
  • Hydrolysed casein (PeptoPro®)
  • Milk whey protein isolate (Isolac®) On the other hand, each serving delivers a complex (simple and complex) of 136g of carbohydrates, amongst which are:
  • Advanced peptide formula based on milk protein
  • Contains around 60% of di and tri-peptides, which are molecules so small that the body does not need to digest them, and they are therefore absorbed very quickly.
  • It is soluble in cold water and contains neither lactose nor fat. Through clinical trials it has been proved that consumption of PeptoPro® achieves the following:
  • Increased endurance and better physical performance
  • Accelerated recovery post-workout
  • Synthesis of proteins during and after training
  • PeptoPro® is a widely recognised type of protein amongst top level athletes

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MASSCORE - 7Kg | The compounds needed to ensure fast growth of muscle mass. - MARCOS, 31/08/2015

Top of the shelf protein-carbohydrate mixture of that satisfies body needs after an intensive workout.

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