Face Scrubs

Face scrubbing is the process through which skin cells are renovated once the epidermis cells are dead. Such process can be done naturally or artificially, and that’s why there are plenty of scrub products. In fact, nowadays it is one of the most demanded beauty treatments.

In general, scrubbing is a treatment to improve skin that has been damaged by sun, improve scars, reduce wrinkles and remove or whiten dark spots. Thanks to this treatment, dermis defects are totally removed. However, it is not advisable to abuse, as it can cause irritations on people with sensitive skin.

Scrubbing regularly, every 28 days approximately, regenerates skin cells and replaces them with new ones. Nevertheless, stress and fatigue can delay this process and produces dryness and a very low oxygenation of the dermis. Obviously, not replacing dead cells, skin looks aged and subdued.

Scrubbing must be combined with lotions, creams or gels to hydrate skin and avoid painful irritations and rashes. HSNstore offers a wide range of beauty products to have a fantastic young skin. All our products have been dermatologically tested and meet the most demanding quality controls.

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  • Exfoliating gel with Walnut shell granules and Apple extract
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  • Exfoliating gel with apricot bone, apple extract and wheat germ oil.
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  • Daily face scrub with apricot and aloe vera extract, with active plant ingredients. For all kinds of skin.
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