Folic Acid

Folic acid plays a crucial role in the human body. It is a type of B vitamin, essential for cell development and regeneration.

All the cells of the human body need folic acid to develop and regenerate the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). Without the ability to generate DNA, the body cannot produce new cells to heal wounds.

When the DNA cells are damaged and cannot be repaired, the body becomes more vulnerable and susceptible to diseases. Folic acid is fundamental for the proper functioning of our body.

However, folic acid is specially important during pregnancy, where it performs several preventive functions. For example, it protects the neural tube from suffering defects (congenital brain defects and spinal cord or spina bifida).

Moreover, it has also been recently proven that folic acid can increase the female fertility.

Where can I buy folic acid?

You can buy folic acid in parapharmacies or specialized stores, like HSN. There, you will find folic acid by the brand HSNessentials, which is mainly used by pregnant women who need to increase their folate levels. This will ensure the proper development of the neural tube of the fetus.

As always, we suggest consulting your doctor or specialist before taking folic acid supplements.

Folic Acid Benefits and Properties

Folic Acid – A necessary vitamin for pregnancy

Vitamin B9 belongs to the group B vitamins and it is also called folic acid or folate. However, are these compounds the same? If not, which one is better, folic acid or folate?

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Main Sources of Folic Acid Benefits and Properties

The 10 Main Sources of Folic Acid

These are the best food sources of folic acid, a vitamin that belongs to the B group and which plays an important role in our organism.

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  • Folic acid. It provides 800mcg of folic acid per daily dose. Suitable for vegans.
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  • Folate. It provides 800µg of folic acid per daily dose.
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