Foot Deodorants
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Foot Deodorants

Foot odor is really unpleasant and affects many people, both men and women. The causes are closely related to sweating. In fact, 99% of sweat composition is water, the remaining 1% is what attracts attention to bacteria. Chlorine, sodium, potassium, lactic acid, proteins, ammonia, and urea are the substances that compose that 1% of sweat. Sweat itself does not smell. The annoying odor of many people’s feet is due to bacteria excretions. Such substances have a very unpleasant smell.

In HSNstore we’re aware of how uncomfortable this problem if for many people and so we offer a wide range of products to fight foot odor. All of our products have been dermatologically tested and are safe to use. These are the most effective:

1. Foot deodorants. They come in powder form and usually contain carbonates and bicarbonates, which are very effective substances against smell. In addition, these products also contain antifungal components and other substances that eliminate bacteria.

2. Antiperspirant. These products are sold in spray, cream or lotion format and their main purpose is to avoid and stop sweating process though aluminium or zinc.

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