Foot Moisturisers
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  • Foot scrub with walnut, coconut and pineapple extract.
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  • Intensely hydrating feet cream. With mountain pine, coconut, shea, and beeswax.
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    Gift Pack Beauty in & out Marnys
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Foot Moisturisers

Feet dehydration can cause a big number of aesthetic and health problems. Since we spent the most of time standing on our feet, keeping them healthy is something fundamental. Furthermore, as spring and summer get closer, we all like to put on some nice sandals to show them off and keep them fresh.

One of the main problems dehydration can cause is skin cracking, which can be really painful and prevent us from keeping our normal pace of life. The dermis creases and cracks and it can also provoke itching and peeling.

Likewise, the appearance of calluses and hard skin or corns is more likely if the skin is not properly moisturised and would probably be necessary to be checked by an specialist. For this reason, foot moisturising creams are very important for a good foot health, specially for those people with excessive dryness.

HSNstore offers a wide variety of moisturising lotions and creams to keep your feet nice and in optimum conditions. In addition, they are all good quality products that have been dermatologically tested.

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