Foot Treatments

Foot care is really important not only to show off nice feet in summer, but to keep them healthy throughout the whole year. Every day, you should clean them and treat them. It is the only way they put up with your daily life.

The first thing you need to do after a long day is to fill a washing-up bowl with warm water, a few drops of almond oil and some bath salts, which you can find in HSNstore catalogue. After that, put your feet in and leave them there for a few minutes while you read a book or watch TV. When you get them out of the water, make sure to dry them well to avoid fungus. If it is too late, use some anti-fungal cream.

Afterwards, apply moisturising cream generously to provide the skin with all the necessary nutrients. If you ever have calluses or hard skin, rub gently with a pumice stone, but if they are too big, maybe you should go to see a podologist. Anyway, HSNstore offers scrub creams that will help you keep healthy feet.

Use cotton socks always you can and apply talcum powder in your shoes. All you need for good looking and healthy feet here in HSN.

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  • Foot scrub with walnut, coconut and pineapple extract.
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  • Intensely hydrating feet cream. With mountain pine, coconut, shea, and beeswax.
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