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GELITA®, a leading company at an international production level of collagen proteins for the food industry, for the production of nutritional supplements, for the pharmaceutical industry and various technical applications.

GELITA collagen peptides are rapidly hydrolyzed and absorbed by the body, exhibiting a high bioavailability. They are collagen peptides free of allergens and easily digested.

The company has different types of peptides, classified as Bioactive Peptides of Collagen® developed to adapt to different applications such as FORTIGEL®, that promotes joint regeneration, FORTIBONE®, ideal product to promote bone health and PEPTIPLUS®, developed to enrich foods and drinks with collagen proteins.

Because of their qualities, GELITA® Collagen Peptides are perfect proteins to mix with other food ingredients, and can be used for various applications in different markets and segments.

  • Pure collagen protein (more than 98% protein in dry substances)
  • Collagen free of fats, sugar, cholesterol, purines and additives.
  • Reg. (EC) No 853/2004
  • Non allergenic
  • Clean label
  • They have not been genetically modified
  • Considered as a FDA-approved food (Docket Number 77N-0232)
  • KOSHER/HALAL certificate (bovine origin)
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