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GeoDerm is a natural cosmetics company whose origin dates back to 1998.

From the beginning, it was developed with a clear objective, to sell ecological products of the highest quality. Thanks to their investment in technical resources, facilities and human resources, the company has become the leader in the development of natural and ecological cosmetics in Spain.

Table of contents

    1. Quality ecological cosmetics
      1. Selection criteria
      2. DELOUR Complex
    2. Philosophy
    3. BDIH Certification

Quality ecological cosmetics

Each of the processes that are part of the elaboration of GeoDerm products are subject to a rigorous system of quality and environment integral control.

In the laboratory, they have a number of quality control mechanisms following the current regulations, including the European standard of Good Manufacturing Practices in Cosmetic Laboratories.

GeoDerm has facilities equipped with the highest technology, microbiological control, quality control and R&D laboratories and a large technical and scientific team.

Selection criteria

  • Each product only contains natural plant extracts ecological origin.
  • They only use natural essential oils.
  • The ingredients have not been tested on animals, including the raw materials.
  • Does not contain synthetic perfumes, flavourings or artificial colorants.
  • Does not contain ingredients of synthetic, petrochemical origin (paraffin, mineral oil, silicones, plastic polymers).
  • Only contains natural emulsifiers, most of which are glycosides.
  • Includes preservatives similar to those we find in nature (potassium sorbate, benzyl alcohol).
  • Does not contain preservatives of synthetic origin (parabens, imidazolidinyl urea, etc.) which are the ones that cause many allergic reactions in conventional cosmetics.
  • Subjected to rigorous product and manufacturing quality control.

To achieve their objectives, the company has a large multidisciplinary team highly qualified to develop, formulate and evaluate their products. It has modern facilities with white rooms or clean rooms, created to control and maintain minimum pollution levels, where temperature, humidity and pressure are monitored so that they are optimal.

DELOUR Complex

Each product of the brand, contains the Delour Complex, formed by an antioxidant and vitamin mixture that regulates the loss of transepidermal water so that the skin does not lose smoothness or elasticity, offering a 100% natural protection from the damages caused by external agents and free radicals.


The company’s philosophy is to offer ecological products with the highest quality thanks to its rigorous control of raw materials in the entire production process. As well as complying with each and every one of the requirements that guarantee environmental friendliness.

The company holds the IONC-BDIH Standard certificate, which ensures that, under a strict quality control, the cosmetic products are 100% natural and ecological. Geoderm products are designed to care and pamper your skin without causing any damage, without adding synthetic ingredients that can hurt or irritate the skin, with the sole aim of achieving a beautiful, healthy, hydrated and luminous skin.

BDIH Certification

The company GeoDerm has the BDIH seal from the federation of pharmaceutical industrial and commercial companies, dietary products, food supplements and cosmetics. The BDIH seal sets the parameters that natural cosmetic products must meet in order to own it.

Cosmetic manufacturers who want to have this seal, must submit their products to the rigorous analysis of an independent laboratory. If these cosmetic products meet the established criteria, they are eligible to receive the BDIH seal. This means that GeoDerm products really do carry out environmentally friendly practices throughout their entire production chain.

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