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  • Save money with our packs - Perfect supplement combination at the best price. Whey Protein, oat flour, micronized creatine, and beta alanine.

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  • The aim of this pack is to gain muscle mass and support the physical performance. Save money with our packs.

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  • Save money with our Packs! All you need to reach your goals. Specially designed by HSNstore in order to optimize your performance at the best price in the market.
    V NP GMO

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  • Perfect supplement combination to help you gain mass muscle and improve your recovery after the workout. Save money with our packs.

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  • If you want to increase your muscle mass and performance, this pack has a series of food supplements which have been specially combined to work in synergy towards this objective. Save money with our packs.

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  • Perfect combination of supplements with a synergistic performance to achieve optimal muscle growth. Save money with our packs.

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  • Pack of supplements designed to produce a quick increase of muscle mass with the help of a correct exercise routine and diet. This combination of nutrients will help you achieve your goals. Save money with our packs.

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Get Big

Get Big Pack

Range of supplements that help cover the necessary calorie requirements to gradually and healthy gain weight.

Purpose of the Pack

The "Get Big" Packs have been made with the objective of increasing weight and obtaining more volume.

During the volume phase we have to produce a calorie surplus. These packs include quality products to minimize the gain of fat during this period. Whey protein will provide us with an ideal amino acid profile. To guarantee muscle recovery creatine has been included, a supplement that is considered the best aid for physical performance, supplying the reserves of ATP, the first use energy durin high intensity activities. This way, we will achieve better quality workouts, being able to apply a greater hypertrophic stimulus.

As to maintain high energy reserves and contribute to the performance, we have several sources of carbohydrates: oatmeal, amylopectin, dextrose or maltodextrin, in combination or according to the pack.

With the purpose of increasing quality calories and being a source of polyunsaturated fats, the peanut butter is included, as an excellent nutritional contribution and of a great flavor and texture.

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