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    Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Collagen, and Vitamin B12. Liquid format, easy to use. With fruit juice concentrates!
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  • GLUCOSAMINE HCL 1000mg - 120 tabs - HSN Essentials
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    Provides 1000mg of Glucosamine HCL per tablet. Glucosamine from crustaceans.
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  • Supports joint health. Helps regeneration and mobility.
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    Vitamins Week
    Supports joint health. Promotes their regeneration and mobility.
    GF LF
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  • JOINT SUPPORT - 90 caps - Now Foods
    Vitamins Week
    Improve your joint and muscle health.
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    Boosts flexibility, lubrication and joint mobility.

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    Exclusive formula: glucosamine + chondroitin + MSM.
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  • Type I and type II hydrolyzed collagen. Contains 750mg of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) per daily dose.
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    Vitamins Week
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  • OSEOGEN 375g - Drasanvi
    Vitamins Week
    Glucosamine sulphate, Chondroitin, Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen, vitamins and minerals, an excellent combination to promote good joint health.
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  • Promotes joint health.
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  • GLUCOSAMINE SULFATE 750mg - Now Foods
    Vitamins Week
    Glucosamine Sulfate. 750mg per capsule.
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  • It favors the regeneration of the joints.
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  • VEGETARIAN GLUCOSAMINE & MSM - 120 veg caps - Now Foods
    Vitamins Week
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  • GLUCOSAMINE `1000´ - 60 veg caps - Now Foods
    Vitamins Week
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  • JOINT SUPPORT FOR DOGS/CATS - 90 chewable tabs - Now Foods
    Vitamins Week
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Glucosamine is one of the most popular and effective ingredients to fight pain, inflammation and cartilage loss. Several in vitro studies support glucosamine to stimulate cartilage production.

It’s a fundamental nutritional supplement for anyone who exercises on a regular basis.


Table of contents

    1. Glucosamine stimulates the formation of new cartilage tissue and keeps damaging enzymes under control
    2. What is glucosamine?
    3. Glucosamine effects
    4. When is Glucosamine recommended?
    5. Which foods contain Glucosamine?
    6. Glucosamine deficiency symptoms
    7. How to take Glucosamine
    8. Why is Glucosamine so important?
    9. Experts on Glucosamine
      1. 1. Glucosamine relieves arthrosis pain
      2. 2. Glucosamine inhibits inflammation
      3. 3. Glucosamine stops cartilage destruction
      4. 4. Remedy for joint and back pain
    10. Glucosamine side effects and interactions

Glucosamine stimulates the formation of new cartilage tissue and keeps damaging enzymes under control

Glucosamine is an amino sugar that is an essential part of the human body. It’s one of the basic constituents of tendons, cartilages and ligaments, as well as their regeneration and repair.

Furthermore, glucosamine regulates synovial fluid for joints to move with no limitation. For this reason it’s become really important for athletes as their joints end up getting too much tension.

As we get older, glucosamine production goes down and glucosamine ends up being an essential joint support.

What is glucosamine?

  • Glucosamine is an amino-sugar that is produced in our organism. Our body produces it from the food we eat.
  • This amino sugar can be found in synovial fluid in the connective tissue and the cartilage.
  • It’s very important for joints to move without pain.
  • It also regulates the cartilage structure in combination with chondroitin.

Glucosamine effects

Glucosamine ensures enough synovial fluid to avoid early joint damage.

When the body has enough glucosamine, it assures full painless mobility. It has a stimulant effect on cartilage as it rebuilds it preventing it from getting damaged and relieves pain.

When is Glucosamine recommended?

  • When exercising on a regular basis.
  • When suffering lower back pain or chronic back pain.
  • When feeling persistent joint discomfort.
  • When preventing incipient or advanced osteoarthrosis.
  • When preventing arthosis.

Which foods contain Glucosamine?

Currently, there are very few foods containing glucosamine. The body only can produce glucosamine naturally by eating lobsters, shrimps, crabs or clams. For this reason, taking glucosamine as a nutritional supplement is the best alternative.

Glucosamine deficiency symptoms

When we get older, the body is not able to produce glucosamine from the food we eat. The result is a limited mobility, specially on knees and spine, which also causes pain.

The lack of synovial fluid also produces a quick tire of joints, and the body cannot halt this process nor regenerate deteriorated cartilage.

How to take Glucosamine

The daily recommended dose of glucosamine is approximately 1,500 mg, which must be taken through a nutritional supplement. It can be taken either at once or divided into 3 intakes throughout the day. It should be taken with meals and plenty of water.

If you want to take glucosamine with therapeutic purposes, you should take it for 6 months. If you’re taking glucosamine for the first time daily, you can start to notice after 1-3 months.

Why is Glucosamine so important?

Everyone needs glucosamine to guarantee joint mobility. This need increases in the following cases:

  • Osteoarthrosis.
  • Back and knee chronic pain.
  • Athletes who have to exert strong and heavy movements.
  • Elderly people.

Experts on Glucosamine

1. Glucosamine relieves arthrosis pain

Researchers of Creighton University in Nebraska used glucosamine to alleviate arthrosis symptoms. They also found that glucosamine has an inhibiting effect in this disease’s development.

2. Glucosamine inhibits inflammation

Laut Sven-David Mueller Nortmann proved glucosamine effects like the inhibition of harmful enzymes release and inflammation relief.

3. Glucosamine stops cartilage destruction

The Belgian professor Jean-Yves Regnister confirmed that taking glucosamine blocks cartilage cells damage, as well as it verified the positive effects on new cartilage formation.

4. Remedy for joint and back pain

Other studies have proven glucosamine to have calming effects on joint and back pain. This amino sugar was found to be really useful for athletes as prevention and for people overweight to avoid a joint tension increase.

Glucosamine side effects and interactions

When taking the recommended dose, there won’t be side effect to expect. In this case, glucosamine intake as a nutritional supplement is unoffensive. However, if you’re on any medical treatment, you should consult your doctor before starting to take glucosamine to make sure there won’t be any type of interaction.

Glucosamine for elderly

Glucosamine - The natural remedy for joint pains

Arthrosis happens when the cartilage of a joint is damaged. The cartilage’s function is produce a cushioning effect between joints. However, when it is damaged, one bone rubs against another causing discomfort, inflammation and difficulty of movement...

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