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Nowadays, awareness of celiac disease is widely spread out. In fact, there are so many products especially designed for people who suffer from this autoimmune problem through which the organism shows intolerance to gluten. Gluten is a substance present in food like barley, rye, oats and, overall, all derivatives of wheat.

This becomes a real problem taking into account that this cereal is the base of almost our whole nutrition. Celiac diseases does not go unnoticed. According to research, it’s the most common food intolerance in the human being together with lactose’s.

In order to detect it, you have to go to see a doctor for digestive problems who conducts the necessary tests to see if the disease is present or not. Anyway, at the slightest suspicion it’s advisable to go to the doctor, as this disease can cause other problems that are not easily associated.

Gluten itself is a group of proteins contained in cereal flour. Its main effect is a chronic inflammation of the small intestine mucosa, even though it can cause diarrhea or strong constipation, weight loss or gain, belly swelling, etc.  Because it is a systemic problem and not only digestive, it can also develop affections in any part of the body.

In HSNstore we are aware of how important it is for celiac athletes to consume gluten free food, and many times, manufacturers do not specify if food does contain gluten or not. This problem is especially delicate because in the process of wheat removal, the product might have been contaminated at any point of the process and might cause problems as previously mentioned.

For this reason, we clearly specify which products contain and don’t contain gluten. Among them, you can find essential amino acids, natural anabolics, creatines, carbohydrates, nitric oxide, mass gainers, pre- and post-workout supplements, and proteins. You’ll be able to take the supplements you need to achieve your fitness goals with no concern.

As everybody musts know, nutrition is fundamental to stay healthy and fit. That’s why HSNstore cares about celiac people and offers a wide range of gluten-free food and sports supplements, having previously met all the quality requirements.

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