Gripping Gel
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Gripping Gel

Laener, Energetic Solutions, is a company in charge of inventing and developing new ideas to be used by those looking for responsible energy consumption. They create new forms of energy conservation, developing patents and their own utility models.

Their main objective is to apply modern techniques to improve new or existing products with innovative systems, always with the intention of giving a little more and of providing the consumer with a product that is respectful of the environment while being energy efficient.

One of its patented systems, is Gripping Gel, a magnesium sports spray powder. Their objective was to create a magnesium gel that was not harmful to health or to the environment, that would be easy to apply, hypoallergenic, ready for immediate use, was rosin free so as not to dry or damage skin and which was also affordably priced. Get it now!

Gripping Gel is the perfect magnesium powder. It is suitable for climbing or outdoor sports in general, where grip strength is a determining factor. It improves grip, blocks sweat and does not pollute the environment.

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