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    100% Guarana extract powder.

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    It provides 400mg of guarana extract and 48mg of caffeine per vegetable capsule.
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    Blend of ecological fruits, plants, roots in powder. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
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  • With Royal jelly, guarana, eleutherococcus, taurine, ginseng, and licorice. With caffeine.
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  • Anhydrous caffeine enriched with guarana extract, green tea extract, yerba mate extract and taurine.
    Enhance your performance! Pre, Intra and Post-Workout at the best price
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  • GUARANA - 30 veg caps - Drasanvi
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    Guarana extract with caffeine.
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  • Increases energy and libido in both men and women.
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Guarana is a stimulating, totally natural, plant that originally comes from the tropical rainforests, it increases concentration and energy. It strengthens the mind and body, favours concentration and performance in sports, work, studies and driving long distances.

Guarana stimulates the mind and body between four and six hours, in a controlled way, without disturbing the nerves or irritating the stomach.

It's a herbal stimulant that increases mental and physical performance for four to six hours. This stimulant is ideal for fighting fatigue and tiredness, and also promotes weight loss.

Students usually take guarana before sitting their exams. It is also frequently used by drivers, to make long trips; By athletes, to increase performance in competitions, and by executives; In their presentations or conferences. All of them take advantage of the stimulating effects of guarana to better cope with heavy and exhausting tasks.

How is Guarana different from caffeine?

Many people can not cope with the stimulating effects of coffee. Unlike coffee, Guarana produces its effects very slowly and the stimulation remains stable for several hours.

Table of contents

    1. How is Guarana different from caffeine?
    2. What is Guarana?
    3. Properties and Benefits of Guarana
    4. Guarana is recommended for:
    5. How is Guarana available?
    6. How to take Guarana
    7. Guarana promotes health in the following cases
    8. The experts opinion on Guarana

Guarana is a stimulant that does not produce nervousness or restlessness. It increases energy and concentration for a longer period of time than coffee, without overloading the heart or circulation system.

Guarana is fast and efficient and increases energy progressively. For this reason, it is perfect for those who want to improve their performance but do not tolerate the effects of caffeine or energy drinks.

What is Guarana?

  • Guarana comes from the Amazon jungle and it is a red fruit with a high stimulating level.
  • Guarana seeds have very gentle stimulating properties, which release much more slowly than caffeine and stay active longer.
  • Due to its slow release, the body and mind receive a gentle boost of energy, with long-term effects.
  • Guarana is an alternative to coffee and other products that contain caffeine, as it produces the same effects but more effectively and better for your health.
  • Guarana is available as a dietary supplement, in the form of capsules or powder.
  • Some foods, such as chocolates and energy drinks are reinforced with Guarana.
  • The Amazon Indians have used the Guarana plant for hundreds of years for its outstanding health properties as well as for improving physical and mental performance naturally.

Properties and Benefits of Guarana

Our body suffers daily with a great deal of stress, so it needs a lot of energy to take on the physical and mental challenges, from the most difficult jobs to our leisure moments.

Many people overcome fatigue by drinking coffee. But coffee only provides temporary energy in addition, caffeine passes directly into the blood and alters the nervous system.

On the contrary, the effects of Guarana take place slowly and steadily. This process is particularly gentle on the circulation and the nervous system and the body benefits for longer from the stimulating properties.

In addition to increasing performance, Guarana also has other positive health effects. Its ingredients have antispasmodic properties, so Guarana plant extracts are also used in traditional medicine. For example, Guarana can relieve a migraine attack.

Guarana is recommended for:

  • Combating fatigue and tiredness
  • Relieving exhaustion
  • Overcoming stress
  • Increasing performance
  • Situations of great physical tension
  • Situations of great mental tension
  • Relieving pain and cramps
  • Losing weight in a healthy way

How is Guarana available?

Guarana is mainly available in the form of powder or capsules. But there are also some food products that have been enriched with the plant extract, including energy drinks, sweets, chocolate, and infusions.

In these cases, it is stated on the label that the food is enriched with Guarana. As a dietary supplement, there is Guarana in the form of powder, which can be mixed with water or other liquids. The capsules should be taken with plenty liquid.

How to take Guarana

The intake of Guarana is important in order to benefit from the effects of its ingredients. It can be taken both regularly and on an occasional basis. It is important to make sure you do not take more than five grams a day, as you should never exceed this dose.

This amount is easily assimilated by the body, obtaining the maximum benefit for health, which provide the positive properties of this supplement. If Guarana is used to calm convulsions or headaches, it is best to take it in small doses, spread throughout the day.

Guarana promotes health in the following cases

  • For people suffering from migraine and headaches
  • For people exposed to lots of pressure
  • For people with low energy levels
  • For people who want to follow a diet with natural ingredients
  • For people who want to lose weight

The experts opinion on Guarana

Although Guarana is not a vitamin, it is one of the best natural dietary supplements and one of the most positive effects it has is on the brain. After its ingestion, its benefits on performance can be observed quickly, as reported by Dr. Gunther Karsten, biochemist and athlete, in his clinical studies in 2016.

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