Hand Creams

Hands, along with our face, are the most exposed areas of the body to external harmful agents, as the skin is the first barrier with which these harmful microorganisms encounter. For this reason, using hand creams to hydrate and regenerate cells is essential for the skin to be in perfect conditions every day.

Before choosing a hand cream being unaware of your skin type, you should know there are 4 types of skins: combination, normal, dry/sensitive and oily. In any case, all types must be applied at least once a day. Now you just have to have a look at HSNstore’s catalogue, you’ll find the best quality and dermatologically tested products.

Hand creams for dry skins provide hydration for tissue to recover its natural softness and brightness. Likewise, those creams for normal skins only need to provide the necessary nutrients for the skin to keep its tone and look. On the other hand, creams for more sensitive skins need hypoallergenic formulas to avoid irritations.

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  • Biological balm for hands and nails. 100% organic and with a fast absorption. With green mint scent.
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  • Daily-use hand cream. Hypoallergenic product that has been dermatologically tested.
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