Hand Sanitizers
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Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are a personal hygiene product that is widely known, whose function is to remove bacteria and microbes that accumulate in our hands. Usually, it is used as the most effective alternative to the traditional water-soap combination, as it has active ingredients that radically eliminate microorganisms.

Furthermore, it is very common for these products to include alcohol, even though some of them do not include alcohol to avoid possible skin irritations (in such case, alcohol is replaced by other products with similar features). The minimum recommended amount of alcohol is a 60% of the product composition, otherwise, the results are not totally effective.

You should also know that they contain several hydrating and nutritive agents to take care of your skin besides removing bacteria. For this reason, using these products is very advisable for everybody, always keeping the products with alcohol out of reach of children since a possible intake could provoke toxicity. Likewise, many studies have shown that these hand sanitizers are very effective to avoid many diseases contagion.

HSNstore offers a great variety of quality hand sanitizers that have been dermatologically tested and meet all the sanitary controls.

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