Hand Treatments

We are constantly using our hands to all type of tasks throughout the day, exposing them to all kind of harms that can affect our hands health. If anything happens to them, we quickly feel unpleasant consequences in our daily life. In order for you to take care of your hands and always have beautiful hands, HSNstore offers a wide range of hand care products.

Ageing is one of the main features that affects hands health and fosters its deterioration, as the skin reduces elastin production over time and loses its capacity to regenerate over the years. Also, dehydration, environmental factors and nutrition play an important role in hands health.

Having a good moisturising cream that provides all the water and nutrients your hand skin needs every day is fundamental. This type of products should be applied several times a day, every day. It’s highly recommendable to use them after washing the dishes or using cleaning products.

Other really common problem is the accumulation of dead cells in our hand skin, the appearance of calluses and hard skin on the palm or between the fingers. These are normally not painful, but if they are not appropriately treated they can be painful and provoke annoyances and discomfort that affect our daily activities.

Since we think of you, HSNstore offers a wide catalogue with a great variety of hand treatments: chemical scrub creams with glycolic and salicylic acid, natural scrubs with mineral blends, etc. We help you keep a sublime skin.

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  • Biological balm for hands and nails. 100% organic and with a fast absorption. With green mint scent.
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  • Daily-use hand cream. Hypoallergenic product that has been dermatologically tested.
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