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Health Genesis

BIOTIN 5000mcg - 120 caps

Optimizes the metabolism of amino acids and promotes health of the immune system.
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BIOTIN 5000mcg - 120 caps
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Biotin by Health Genesis is a supplement consisting of a hydrosoluble B complex vitamin, necessary for the correct growth and function of the organism’s activity. Biotin has been diagnosed as a treatment for mitigating the following afflictions:

  • Afflictions of the nervous system.
  • Hair growth.
  • Depression.
  • Pyroluria.

Amongst the benefits provided are:

  • Regulating blood sugar levels
  • Regulating blood pressure
  • Reinforcing the immune system
  • Improving the appearance and texture of the skin

Plays a key role in the regulation of gluconeogenesis, synthesis of fatty acids and in the metabolism of certain amino acids. Together with the production of energy, it improves the synthesis of certain proteins. Incompatibilities: caffeine, sucralose, raw egg white, alcohol and tobacco, given that these substances decrease the reserves of biotin in the body, just as anti-epileptic and antibiotic medicines do, as well as oestrogen replacement drugs.

Nutritional Facts BIOTIN 5000mcg - 120 caps

Information BIOTIN 5000mcg - 120 caps
Serving's size: 1 capsule
Servings: 120
Amount per servingRDA*
RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance)*: RDA established in Directive 2008/100/CE of October 28. ††: RDA not established.
Other ingredients: Rice flour, cellulose (capsule), magnesium stearate (vegetable source) and silica.
Recommended Use: Take 1 capsule between 1 or 2 times a day, preferably with meals.

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