Horse Chestnut

Horse chestnut has become a natural supplement that is purchased mainly due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to prevent the damage against the veins caused by varicose veins or tired legs.

Moreover, different studies have discovered the effects of the seeds from this plant, as well as its properties for our hair and male fertility.

The main properties of bark extracts from this plant are:

  • Flavonoids
  • Phytosterols
  • Allantoin

Where can I purchase horse chestnut supplements?

Horse chestnut supplements are available in different formats: capsules, creams, gel, oil, vials, etc; All of them will provide the benefits of horse chestnut for the body.

It is advisable to purchase creams or oils as anti-inflammatory products when it comes to relieving the pain from varicose veins and the problems caused by tired legs. The effects of escin from horse chestnut prevent thrombi and more serious disorders related to the cardiovascular system.

Horse Chestnut Benefits and Properties

Horse Chestnut - A remedy against Circulatory Problems

In recent times, horse chestnut has become a remedy for those who suffer circulatory problems. Swollen legs are caused by a bad blood flow, resulting in varicose veins that affect both women and men. However, recent studies have proven that the properties of horse chestnut go beyond. This is due to the fact that it can even be a great antioxidant or support for male fertility.

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