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Protein of excellent composition and sustained release. Promotes an anabolic state for several hours, supplying amino acids into the blood stream.

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Casein Peak by Inner Armour is a protein of slow digestion, ideal for taking if we consider a long period of absence of nutrients.

Casein Peak presents excellent composition, based on 3 large traits:

  • Mitigates muscle catabolism (loss or degradation of muscle mass). Casein has been clinically tested as an effective tool for the protection of muscle tissue, thanks to the sustained release of amino acids into the blood stream for several hours, making sure we have a positive nitrogen balance.
  • Accelerate optimal recovery. Casein Peak has been reinforced with the addition of amino acids that stimulate one of the most critical processes in terms of recovery and growth. Training can cause serious damage to muscle tissue, but at the same time is a key factor in ensuring subsequent anabolism, always provided we supply the necessary elements.
  • Stimulate protein synthesis. Casein Peak is loaded with branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and Glutamine. These elements are essential for establishing an anabolic environment and being able to embark on new tissue creation processes. Casein Peak promotes and protects muscle mass providing:
  • 24g of protein from micellar casein, Alpha, Beta and Kappa caseins
  • 18g of BCAAs and Glutamine
  • Enriched with natural rapid recovery amino acids (Natural Rapid Recovery Cascade Stimulator®): taurine, creatine Creapure®, glycine and milk whey protein.

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