Intestinal Health

When the colon and intestinal flora function properly, they cause no problem. The symptoms that reveal some type of irregularity in the colon, are both the lack of activity and the excessive activity of the colon. These symptoms are usually manifested in the body as constipation, swelling, excessive wind and unexpected stools.

A bad digestion will directly affect our health and cause a bad quality of life and limitations to carrying out all type of activities. If we observe that the faeces have a mucus aspect or they contain blood, we must immediately consult a health care professional, as these are very severe symptoms which could reveal the existence of colon cancer, ulcers, intolerance to certain foods, a bacteria excess in the intestine or gut microbiota, which is also related to obesity.

All of these symptoms must be detected and treated at once.

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A healthy colon will provide the organism with all of the necessary nutrients

The intestinal function is very important and has a direct impact on our health. To the extent that many scientists refer to the intestine as the second brain. This second brain is in charge of absorbing the nutrients from the food, passing them into the blood stream, and allowing, through digestion, for them to available to the body.

Once the food enters the digestive tract it transforms into nutrients thanks to the digestive enzymes that break down the food.

Subsequently, the nutrients pass through to the blood stream, via the intestinal villi. These small villi that are located in the interior of the intestinal walls and are integrated by very small blood vessels. Once there, the nutrients reach all of the cells of the body. The rest passes through to the colon and finally to the rectum, where the nutrients are stored until they are excreted.

The small intestine has a scarce amount of bacteria, when some sort of problem occurs the bacteria may proliferate excessively, altering our health and causing all sorts of pathologies.

What causes a bad intestinal health?

When symptoms such as constipation or swelling take place, it may be due to a bad diet. If these symptoms are manifested more than usual, they should be monitored and consult directly with a GP or doctor, as there may be some direct relation with a pathology.


What causes constipation?

Constipation is generally due to an incorrect diet or bad dietary habits. There is a direct relation between constipation and hydration, a diet with a low fiber content, eating too many whet-derived products or too many sweat products. These types of food hinder the intestinal functioning.

Additionally, the lack of exercise and being in a sitting position during too much time also makes it more difficult for a good intestine functioning.

In rare occasions, constipation is due to an alteration in the intestinal muscle movements, which work in a more slow and weak manner. When this happens, the chyme will remain in the intestine for several days. The nutrients can not be excreted and the associated symptoms appear, such as a hardening of the intestine and difficulties to eliminate the chyme through intestinal movements.

Diagnosis of constipation is performed by consuming small metal beads. A few days later, the digestive tract is analysed via X-rays. This disorder may be treated with medications that stimulate more the movement of the intestinal muscles.

Another cause of constipation, that is not very frequent, is a constant spasm of the sphincter, that may even result in haemorrhages. A treatment that tends to have very good results is carrying out contraction and relaxation movements of the sphincter, until a normalization of its function. Probiotics are also good to fight constipation.


What causes diarrhoea?

Diarrhoea is known as a concomitant bacterial or viral infection. Although it may also be as a consequence of a bad nutrition, eating food in bad conditions or too spicy. Nicotine and sweeteners also can provoke diarrhoea.

Hacer deporte beneficia la salud intestinal

To prevent the dehydration that may be produced by the diarrhoea there are treatments, such as taking tablets coated in vegetable carbon.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, IBS

What causes irritable bowel syndrome?

This term refers to a functional disorder with similar symptoms to other intestinal illnesses. For the correct diagnosis of this pathology it is crucial to exclude the existence of other possible disorders with similar symptoms.

This disorder affects the quality of life of those who suffer from it, but it is not considered dangerous. The treatment is still being researched.

Intestinal health does not depend of luck, but of the nutrients

What does intestinal health depend of?

To enjoy a good intestinal health the nutrients that reach our organism are essential. Pharmacies have a wide range of laxatives and remedies for digestions, available to be bought. However, the use of laxative in the long term does not correct the causes of the intestinal problems, and may even be damaging for health. Thus, these should only be used on an exceptional basis and consulting with a health care professional.

Advise to have a good digestion in the long run

If you wish to know which habits should be followed to achieve a good digestion and avoid intestinal and colon problems, we advise you begin to follow these simple tips:

  • Keep hydrated
  • Have a healthy diet, that stimulates microbiota: frequently eat vitamins, fruit and food with fibre
  • Eating regularly and with a set schedule
  • Perform exercise on a regular basis
  • Probiotics are also good for fighting constipation

Try to consume vegetables, as these help a good intestinal flora functioning. Formulas with plant extracts, probiotics and vegetable cellulose, as well as magnesium compounds, are also an aid to regulate our colon and intestine activity. Follow these simple tips and you will see an improvement in the digestive health and a good functioning of the intestines.

Prebiotics: Benefits and properties

Benefits and properties of prebiotics

A distinction must be drawn between probiotics and prebiotics. Both of them are essential for our health, but while probiotics are beneficial substances for a good health of the bacterial strains; prebiotics are the nutrients that the bacterial strains need as nourishment, stimulating their activity in the long run.

For this reason, if healthy prebiotics that will nourish properly the bacteria strains are not taken, the probiotics will not have any effects on our organism.

Intestinal flora

Nine things that damage intestinal flora

A balanced intestinal flora is the best source of health and general well-being, however if it is damaged, diseases and different symptoms of tiredness will start to appear.

For this reason the regeneration of our intestinal flora should be one of our main objectives. But what elements are beneficial and which are harmful? How can we know? We will discuss these aspects in this article.

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