Intimate Care

Intimate hygiene and care are essential in women’s everyday. This is because it can prevent certain types of diseases and eliminate pathogens that may affect women’s health. The type of treatments and products that HSNstore offers, are focused on taking special care of women’s intimate parts.

Besides how delicate these parts are, it is important to know that because of having a higher amount of hormone changes, females is more likely to catch bacteria, parasites and fungus, whose effects are very unpleasant and irritating, affecting women’s life. It should be known that common soaps are not too good for the intimate area as it can cause irritations.

Here you will find a wide variety of intimate soaps made of natural ingredients, dermatologically and gynaecologically tested. They also contain agents like lactic acid, which makes that the intimate part pH keeps on its normal levels. In this regard, from HSNstore we warn you that vagina douchings are not recommended at all. Your vagina is full of good bacteria, which contributes to your vaginal flora, and you do not want to wash all that away.

Wet wipes are however very advisable, especially because they are easy to use when you are not home and need to use public toilets. Likewise, tampons, pads and other period supplies are essential when women are on that time of the month. Anyway, if you ever think you might have any infection, you should see a gynaecologist as soon as possible.

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