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  • Save money with our Packs. Pack to stay fit through a supply of proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

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  • SAVE MONEY - Maximum Quality Protein Pack + branched chain amino acids and multivitamin

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  • SAVE MONEY - Protein Pack + BCAA's.

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  • Pack to stay in shape with the help of PowerExplosive. A perfect combination of products to achieve all your goals.

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Keep Fit

Packs Stay Fit

Sport activity plays an important part in our health, and more precisely, in our quality of life. Going up stairs, running and sprinting, weight training, a mountain route, a game of paddle, going for a ride on a bike... any physical activity where we apply intensity, whether it is a higher or lower intensity, requires the mobilization of many resources of our system. Therefore, it is an objective to ensure that the body receives the best nutrients t with which we can maintain our fitness, achieving a fast and efficient recovery.

While it may appear redundant, staying active is key to staying healthy.

Purpose of these packs

The priority of these packs is to encourage us to maintain our physical condition by providing a series of combinations of the best product to do so. Among this "arsenal" we will find elements that are as important as:

  • Proteins and Amino acids: they provide the essential nutrients, that is, fundamental, since without them our body would not be able to successfully complete any process of regeneration and reconstruction of muscle tissue, damaged by the intensity of the exercise. The use of amino acids, which constitute proteins, can become necessary especially in athletes who apply a high intensity. This is due to the fact that they generate a greater energy demand as a result of facing the most severe workouts and to mitigate the fatigue generated. The adaptation is also rewarded by the physical exercise, raising our athletic condition.
  • Carbohydrates: all activity is followed by an energy expenditure from our reservoirs. When we talk about activities that use the glycolytic energy route, it is as a consequence of the intense nature of the activity, which can produce a partial emptying of these reserves. This fact can originate the consequent physiological signalling that will lead to the generation, by our brain, of a response that will reduce the performance, as a preventive measure to avoid energy exhaustion. Providing at a given time a quantity of carbohydrates can substantially improve our performance as well as promote recovery, and keep us in shape to face the next physical session.
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