Lifting Straps
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  • Cushioned wrist band with wrist strap.
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  • Band and hooks for suspension abdominal exercises.
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  • Wristbands to improve grip strength, a basic accessory for tough workouts.
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Lifting Straps

Straps are a very practical accessory for weightlifting. In fact, they are intended to facilitate the heavy load liftings. However, it’s necessary to consider certain aspects before you start using them because they can affect your muscle development.

The purpose of straps is obviously to facilitate the grip and allow the athlete to lift heavier loads. In addition, they also allow to force better in the final repetitions. They are especially recommended for movements involving a tug on the back as this area of the body requires less effort.

Its use is especially recommended for people with problems in the spine and for those who practice weight lifting to grow muscle mass. In this sense, it is essential to note that, by facilitating the process, certain muscles can get hurt like the case of the forearm. Therefore, its use must be combined with specific exercises for these body areas.

Another good option is to use it only when the gripping strength of the forearm fails, in this way, to extend the number of repetitions. It is also necessary to note that, since in the competition are not allowed, professionals should use them only in extreme cases. In these cases, chalk and magnesium are best

HSNstore offers a wide variety of straps for you to kill it in your workouts. They are also made of high quality materials that will not hurt your hands or forearms.

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