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LSP Oat King

LSP Oat King is a German company founded in 1998 by Heiko Lackstetter, that is specialized in sports nutrition, dietary and energy products, all of which are made from oatmeal.

Throughout their professional history, LSP Oat King has received numerous awards and recommendations thanks to their high-quality products.

Their main goal is to offer healthy products with the highest quality raw materials, with the guarantees provided by a "Made in Germany" label. Currently, this German sports nutrition company has developed several product lines to meet the needs of athletes and regular customers.

Their products are consumed in more than 170 countries around the world.

This German company, specialized in oat products, has the seal of organic certification, meaning that its products are organic according to the EU legislation on organic farming.

In addition, the production process of their products fulfils the sustainable development principles, because it satisfies the needs of the present population without compromising the capacity of future generations.

Among its wide range of products, we can highlight its star products:

  • Oat King Energy Bar: energy bars made of oatmeal flour, available in different flavours and with a high fiber and carbohydrates content.
  • Oat King Instant Oats: instant oatmeal in different flavours to prepare shakes, pancakes or desserts.
  • Oat King Mug Cake: instant oatmeal flour formula to quickly and easily prepare Mug Cakes.
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