Lycopene is an antioxidant that is available in food, mainly tomatoes or red fruit and vegetables. There are also different supplements, specially in capsules, that include the recommended dose of lycopene in order to obtain all its benefits for the organism.

Due to its properties for the skin, lycopene has become one of the most important anti-aging products. Moreover, several clinical studies have proven the connection between lycopene and a lower risk of suffering cancer, specially prostate cancer.

What are the benefits of taking lycopene dietary supplements?

  • Preventing the damage caused by the free radicals.
  • Protecting the skin against the damaged caused by UV rays.
  • Stimulating a powerful antioxidant enzyme called SOD (superoxide dismutase)
  • Buffering the damage to the blood white cells.
  • A high intake lowers the systolic blood pressure.
  • A high intake also relieves asthma caused by exercise.

Where can I buy lycopene supplements?

As we have already seen, lycopene is mainly available in fruit and vegetables, but there are also supplements in specialized stores so that we can meet the requirements of this antioxidant in our organism.

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