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    Provides 1.8mg of Melatonin per tablet. It helps to shorten the time it takes to fall asleep.
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  • Provides 1mg of Melatonin per daily dose. With magnesium and vitamin B6.
    V VG
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  • It encourages a state of relaxation and improves the quality of sleep.
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  • Regulates sleep cycles, helps to restore deep sleep
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  • MELATONIN 1.9mg - 50ml - Drasanvi
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    1mg of liquid Melatonin that helps reduce sleep latency.
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  • MELATONIN 1.9mg - 60 veg caps - Drasanvi
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    Melatonin. It provides 1.9mg of Melatonin per daily dose.
    GF V
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  • Melatonin gummies. Specially for children. It provides 1mg of melatonin per serving.
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  • It improves the quality of sleep. It provides 1mg of Melatonin per tablet.
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  • Made from plant extracts and melatonin. It provides 1.8mg of melatonin per serving.
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  • Testosterone potentiator. ZMA + Fenugreek + Melatonin.
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  • Melatonin with vitamin B6. It provides 1mg of melatonin and 0.70mg of vitamin B6 per daily dose.
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  • It helps to improve the quality of sleep.
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  • Melatonin in convenient liquid format. Helps to ensure deep, restorative sleep. Regulates the sleep cycle.
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All about melatonin

It is a hormone that helps to regulate the circandian rhythm, but specially the sleep/wake cycles. As we grow old, our melatonin levels drop, which is why its supply through supplementation can help to improve the quality of sleep, favor rest, and adjust the biological clock.

Melatonin is the hormone in charge of regulating sleep. Nowadays, we can find many dietary melatonin supplements in pharmacies and parapharmacies that are sold as the new panacea to sleep. But melatonin does not only combat insomnia, since it also has other benefits for health, like its antioxidant effects and its ability to prevent the aging process of the cells, which contributes to reduce the risk of suffering cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

The properties of melatonin and its possible side effects have not been studied enough, which is why it is mainly used as a natural remedy to combat insomnia.

Where can I buy melatonin products?

You can purchase melatonin online at HSN. We have a wide range of products made of melatonin available to encourage relaxation and nights sleep.

Benefits and Properties of Melatonin

Melatonin - All you need to know about the sleep hormone

Melatonin can be the solution for sleep disorders. We all know that sleeping is crucial for health and to maintain the vitality. However, what is melatonin? We will explain it in this article.

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