Milk Thistle

The thistle is the medicinal plant that is a popular remedy to treat hepatobiliary disorders.

Milk thistle is a natural liver protector, toning, detoxifying and stimulating the bile flow.

Scientists have found Silybin in its composition, which is the active ingredient of milk thistle, which reduces liver damage caused by alcohol and other drugs, as well as the damage caused by environmental toxins, heavy metals and bacterial toxins.

Milk thistle seeds have great regenerating and antioxidant properties that stimulate the proper functioning of the liver. Therefore, it helps those that suffer this disease.

Among other things, milk thistle also relieves the inflammation, which is why it has been traditionally used as a natural remedy.

Buy milk thistle supplements

You can purchase Silybum marianum or milk thistle in herbalist's shops and parapharmacies. But HSN is the online store where you will find it at the best price, ready for immediate dispatch.

Its main formats are extracts or capsules, which you can easily transport and take them whenever and wherever you need to. You can also take it in infusions, even though many studies have shown that their positive effects are less effective, since silybin is not easy to dissolve in water.

Milk Thistle Properties and Benefits

Milk Thistle, a natural hepatic protector

Milk thistle is a vegetable supplement that performs a detox function on the organism. Moreover, it protects the vital functioning of the liver among other properties.

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    Milk thistle extract with an 80% of silymarin. Produced in the E.U.
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  • Promotes hepatic, digestive and renal health.
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  • Milk Thistle extract with artichoke and dandelion
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  • Milk thistle extract. Hepatic regenerator.
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  • Milk thistle extract and bamboo fiber in tablets.
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  • Milk thistle extract: 200mg of silymarin per tablet.
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  • It provides 400mg of milk thistle extract per serving. With vitamins and minerals.
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  • Formula of plant extracts to promote normal liver function.
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  • Plant extracts and vitamins, especially for liver protection.
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  • 250mg of Milk Thistle that helps to protect the liver.
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  • Promotes liver health.
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  • Formulated to protect, stimulate and help the natural detoxification of the liver.
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  • Milk thistle standardized extract in vegetable capsules.
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  • Plant extracts with Choline for maintaining liver function.
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