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  • FORMULA 80 PROTEIN COMPLEX - 510g - Multipower
    Blend of time released proteins made from whey protein. It provides more than 24g of protein per serving. With Vitamin B6.

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Multipower was founded in 1977 and has over 30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of sports nutrition. All Multipower experts are sport lovers and know that their products have be quality proven in the lab and in the arena. Today, Multipower is no 1 in Europe in sports nutrition, distributing in 36 countries.

Same 1977 purpose: Helping you achieve your fitness goal!

As a market leader, they count on the collaboration of the best talents of different disciplines. Besides having highly qualified personnel in its lab and offices, Multipower works with the best elite teams like Benfica, FC St.Pauli and in the olympic centre Hamburg/Schleswig Holstein, in the main sport universities, and with elite sportsmen like Javi Gómez Noya and Eneko Llanos.

This great connection between theory and practice, science and sports, makes Multipower to stand out among all the other brands.

Multipower history

  • Founded in 1977, when sport nutrition was starting to become popular in Europe.
  • During the first years, the production plant was a simple basement belonging to one of the founders. Labelling was hand made with a typewriter.
  • Ever since the beginning, the lab was very innovative; innovation was present in the company since the very first moment.
  • In 1980, Multipower starts manufacturing food products and includes the quality and logistics control in Bleckede.
  • The first brands were “Multikraft“ and “Multaben“ and started to commercialise in 1984.
  • In 1988 "Multikraft" changed to “Multipower“. Production was greater and more professional due to Multipower success.
  • Fitness concept was being born, so Multipower starts widening its range of products to get to the sportsmen.
  • Currently, Multipower is the number 1 in Europe in the sports nutrition products and distributes to 36 countries.

One product for one goal

Multipower is divided into three main product lines to reach to different groups according to fitness goals.

  • "Multipower Sportsfood" includes products to enhance endurance and strength, and products to promote muscle growth and definition.
  • "Body of Multipower" enhances body tone and helps control weight in a healthy way.
  • "Multipower Professional" is to meet the needs of those athletes on strength and bodybuilding training routines.
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