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Hyper-caloric muscle mass gainer, 50g of proteins.

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Maximum muscle growth, suitable for athletes at the very highest level. 100%

Premium Mass Gainer is one of the latest innovations from the Muscletech Team. This formula is an effective way for bodybuilders, power athletes and people seeking to gain weight to obtain in one sole supplement all the components needed to grow more and achieve more strength.

Benefits of 100% Premium Mass Gainer:

  • Perfect for bodybuilders, power athletes and people seeking nutrients to grow more and get stronger
  • Supply of an additional quantity of calories required for all professional athletes
  • Scientifically formulated with studies that show growth in muscle size and power
  • Accelerates muscle recovery
  • Designed to raise insulin levels and drive nutrients to the muscles
  • Delivery of a quantity of branched chain amino acids, minerals, glutamine and more.
  • Easy to take at any time of day. For maximum results, take between meals and before bed.
  • Incredible flavour. Easily dissolved in milk or water.

New formula for muscle construction

100% Premium Mass Gainer helps you to reach your daily caloric needs by supplying 1270 calories, including 50g of high quality protein and 261 g of carbohydrate energy in each serving.

Scientifically proven to help you gain mass With 100% Premium Mass Gainer, you can achieve large arms, shoulders, incredible chest and exactly what you are looking for. This scientifically advanced formula delivers what your body needs to achieve maximum muscle construction.

Easily dissolved and incredible flavour Thanks to Muscletech scientists, 100% Premium Mass Gainer delivers everything you need in a muscle growth formula, in an easy to mix serving.

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