NANO ä is a sport nutrition brand that launches a new concept of branched chain amino acids. Its groundbreaking and minimalist esthetic are in tune with the character of their products; the company has patented a last generation technology called Nano-Syn™, which takes such a demanded product as amino acids to the next level.

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The future of sport nutrition

The main unique features of this entity are the Nano-Syn™ technology and their emphasis in making quality and natural products. The flavors from their products are designed and tested by experts to offer a unique experience.

Innovative Amino acids: NANO BCAA

NANO ä has launched the Nano-Syn™ technology along with his amino acid product NANO BCAA. What is their objective? To provide a 5 times faster and effective absorption of the active ingredients. The NANO BCAA products have a premium composition without sugar, fat or color, in consonance with the latest nutritional trends.

Details that make the difference

The interest of NANO ä in evoking innovation and naturalness in their products is achieved with details such as including a birch wooden spoon that has been handmade by Swedish designers.

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