Novo Nutrition

Novo Nutrition is a brand developed by Andrew Coulson, a renowned bodybuilding star who, apart from practising bodybuilding, is an ex-judge of the IFBB jury (International Federation of BodyBuilders). Andrew Couldon, was a training colleague of Mr Olympia Dorian Yates.

Andrew realised there was a gap in the nutrition sector. He thought that protein shakes and energy bars are an excellent snack, but in the case of shakes milk or water are needed to drink them and the nutritional index of bars in many cases is not very healthy.

Then, he took the chance to introduce in this sector a different snack, easy to eat at any time, tasty and healthy, low-fat and rich in protein.

This is how Novo Nutrition was born, a rich protein snack, very low in carbohydrates, crunchy and made with natural ingredients.

Andrew used the social media like Twitter to launch this product and see people's reactions before launching it into the sport nutrition sector.

The response to these crunchy Protein Bites was amazing and it quickly spread to Sweden and other European countries.

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  • Protein chips with soy protein. It provides more than 10g of protein per serving.
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