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  • Protein bar. Provides 21g of proteins per bar.
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Nutramino is a sports nutrition leading brand from Scandinavia, which offers the best quality to active people and those who love the world of sports and health. 

A wide range of products that will help you to overcome all your sports goals.

Nutramino – Pure Dedication

This brand is passionate about sports performance and sports nutrition, this passion is what pushes them to innovate in order to offer the best quality and flavor to all those people who need sports products.

Nutramino is known for being simply the best in terms of content, function, and effect. All its products meet the nutritional requirements of the European Union.

Nutramino belongs to Glanbia Group, leader in sports nutrition and ingredients. Thanks to this, they have resources and knowledge that makes them the leader in the market, always offering the best quality in their sports nutrition products.

Nutramino and Glanbia Group

Nutramino belongs to Glanbia Group, a nutrition global company based on science and nature and dedicated to provide the best nutrition.

Glanbia uses pure ingredients that include milk, whey, and grains, which results in high quality nutritional ingredients.


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