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Instant oatmeal. 7 delicious flavors.

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  • Instant oat flour
  • Easily dissolved
  • Low GI carbohydrate source
  • Available in delicious flavors
  • Helps to meet fiber requirements and digestive health

What is Oat Gourmet Breakfast?

Oat Gourmet Breakfast by Nutrytec is a micronized oat flour that is available in 7 delicious flavors.

It is perfect to add to shakes o to make delicious baking recipes: sponge cakes, pancakes, muffins... Oat Gourmet Breakfast offers you a whole world of possibilities!

Ideal to take for breakfast and start your day full of energy, as an afternoon snack or even to add to your shakes to increase performance and muscle recovery after your workout.

Oat Gourmet Breakfast is a delicious and different way to consume complex carbohydrates and to provide the energy that your body needs to face your daily activities, without forgetting that it is also a source of vegetable proteins and fiber.

What are the properties of Oat Gourmet Breakfast?

Oats are one of the most complete and healthy cereals that exists.

It provides energy, is a source of amino acids, essential fatty acids, contains vitamins E, B6 and B5, plus important minerals like iron, selenium, manganese and copper.

It is rich in slow-acting carbohydrates, allowing for a longer satiety effect and greater control of blood sugar levels. It is very rich in soluble fiber and favours the correct digestive function.

This instant oatmeal has an excellent ability to dissolve, so it is very easy to complete our shakes with a good source of carbohydrates or increase the amount of carbs in the diet by adding it to some liquid like juice, milk or water.

Of course, it is ideal for cooking your favourite dishes to provide your diet with protein and fiber carbohydrates; Hardly providing any sugars.

Who can benefit from Oat Gourmet Breakfast?

  • Anyone looking to take care of their health and consume healthy products.
  • Specially recommended for active people and athletes who need an adequate supply of vegetable proteins and carbohydrates to obtain a good sports performance.

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