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Highly effective pre-training formula

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  • Highly effective pre-training formula
  • With vitamin complex and electrolytes

Massacra Episode 3 by Olimp is a top level pre-training supplement consisting of 4 matrices of elements set to boost an athlete’s performance:

  • Insane Pump System: consisting of the combination of various sources of the amino acid l-arginine, creatine, and also a group of phosphates based on sodium and magnesium for the optimal muscle contractile response. Arginine acts as a precursor substance to nitric oxide, helping increase the blood flow and transportation of ingredients to the muscle cells. Creatine will keep ATP levels full, the energy of first use for high intensity, sub-maximal muscle exertion.
  • Massacra® Shot & NervTransUP: consisting of other ingredients such as beta-alanine, which will prevent muscle plugging caused by lactate during high intensity activity, caffeine to help delay metabolic fatigue and reduce the sensation of tiredness, glucuronolactone which combined with the rest of the substances can help to boost physical and mental performance.
  • NITRO Muscle IN: consisting of 2 sources of glutamine, N-acetyl-L-glutamine and L-glutamine, contributing with its anti-catabolic properties.
  • Vita-MIN BITE: consisting of vitamin B1, niacin, vitamin C and the minerals Calcium and Sodium.

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