Our Company

Welcome to HSN! We are sure that you have many choices when it comes to choosing your supplement store, so why don't you take a moment to learn a little bit about us and find out what makes us different from the rest of companies in the market?

We can say that HSN is one of the biggest Sport Nutrition and Natural Dietetics online stores in Spain. We have experienced a great growth since we started at the beginning of 2008 in a tiny property of 150 square meters. Now we have 10.000 square meters of facilities where we also have our own factory where we produce our products by following the highest quality standards. All of this is possible thanks to the effort and enthusiasm of a great team of people that form HSN and who make sure that thousands of users receive their sport and dietary supplements perfectly every day. We have always believed and proven that our customers are our main assets, their needs and suggestions have pushed us to work harder to offer the widest variety, and the best price and service of the market.

Who is at the core of everything?

In HSN we know who we have to listen to and care about!

You are the core of our work! The support from all our customers is the most valuable thing in the world, and we are very grateful for that. We are pleased and thankful for listening to all you have to say, whatever it may be, so that we can keep on doing things right and/or change to make it better!

Our customer service team is at your disposal to listen to everything you have to say, since we believe that is the best way to be aware of everything, both the good and the bad. In the end, criticism is what makes us improve. That is why we would love to listen what you truly think.

HSN Customers

Our Mission

All our efforts are focused on being the best sport nutrition and natural dietetics store of the market, for the quality of our products, contents and services, not only just the price. We want to take the HSN brand to the highest level.

We can assure you that we are not an enterprise that is getting stuck and part of our mission is to make a great effort so that we can offer the most complete range of nutrition supplements to take care of your health and maximize your performance. All of this at the best price and with the highest quality!

We have always had these principles in mind throughout all these years:

Our Objective

In HSN we do not like to stay still and part of our Objective is to offer the Widest Variety of Sport Nutrition and Natural Dietetics.

Our experts work to be able to offer the latest products, Adding Novelties almost daily, and constantly adding new brands and even new product categories.

Our HSN brands are original and innovative, all our products have been created as a result of our passion for nutrition that is linked to health and sport. Our team has worked for many years in the nutrition sector with a great variety of nutritionists, elite athletes, etc.

If you have any doubt, our Customer Service is always at your disposal!

The Best Prices - We are not kidding!

In HSN we Buy in bulk as much as we possibly can, so that we can get the best prices for our customers.

If you are tired of having to choose between a good offer and a good product, you will be happy to know that in HSN you will be able to benefit from promotions of up to a 60% in high quality products to take care of your health and improve your sport performance. These include vitamins, supplements, healthy food, sport nutrition products, etc.

We would like to clarify WHY we have LOWER PRICES than most stores and also for MAXIMUM QUALITY products that are above average.

As we have already shared, we opened our own factory not long ago where we are currently manufacturing most of our products, following the highest quality standards and guidelines. This has given us many possibilities that go from the flexibility and dynamism to be able to adapt to the demands of the market and our clients, to be able to directly negotiate with thousands of raw ingredient sellers, always from the best quality, as well as having direct access to the best ingredients in the market without any kind of intermediaries.

¡We buy raw materials in bulk!
HSN Raw ingredient
We produce our own products
HSN In-house production
Direct from the factory to the customer
HSN Without intermediaries

All of this and the fact that we are in charge of the entire manufacturing process, so that the resulting product is exactly what we are looking for, offering a TOP product at very competitive prices. Up until now, we have tried to be as competitive as possible by offering the highest quality products at good prices without being the manufacturers. Now, we have the chance to be even more competitive since the product goes DIRECT from the FACTORY to the CUSTOMER, which eliminates up to 3 and 4 intermediaries from a traditional distribution chain that would end up increasing the final price of the product.

  • Traditional Distribution Chain: Factory > Brand > Seller > Shop > Consumer
  • HSN Chain: Factory > Consumer

If you want to learn more about our products and our Quality Warranty, we encourage you to click here: HSN Quality Warranty

Our commitment to value

More discounts per volume...

Apart from the most competitive prices, you can also benefit from other additional discounts if you buy in bulk. Either if you buy for yourself, as a group, a team or as gym, the more you buy the more you will save! This is available for everybody, you just have to get in contact with us and we will inform you about how to get them.

Endless selection and development of products!

HSN offers more than 8.000 different products, all of them for the care of your health. Well! We know that it is not endless, but if you start to check them out it will look like that. These products come from more than 150 leading brands, including products of the highest quality that have the best quality-price relation like in the case of the HSN brands. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can always send us a request and we will make everything we can to bring it to you - always at the best price, of course.

Ultra Fast Delivery / Maximum Coordination

In Our Warehouse we work as fast as possible so that all the orders that are made before 16:00h can be delivered on that same day. This requires organization, speed, and a constant communication between customer service and the team at the warehouse.

FREE Shipping

Our main objective is to deliver your order as soon as possible. Thanks to the most advanced technology and a compromised team, we can guarantee that your package will be properly packed and on its way to you in the shortest amount of time. The shipping is ALWAYS FREE* for peninsular Spain and Portugal. We have truly competitive conditions for the rest of the countries, which can get free shipping by reaching affordable order prices. Click here for more information


We are committed to making everything run smoothly, we have the personal and technical means necessary to make shopping in our store a pleasant experience. However, we know that sometimes things do not go as planned, so if you have a problem, we guarantee a fast response to solve any incidents so that you will be satisfied. The customer is our most valuable asset.

Being close to our customer

Do you have any questions about your order or the healthy products we sell? We will be delighted to assist you: by telephone, web contact form or email, at HSN you will always have a person prepared and trained to solve any question or incident. You have our friendly and highly qualified customer service team just a click away or just a phone call away. Email us or call us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Expert Advice

In our team we have the best nutritionists, biochemists, pharmacists, food technologists and specialists in food safety. All of them will be delighted to explain, clarify or advise you on any doubt and/or concern you may have about the effectiveness and correct use of our products.

All these professionals are highly qualified and many of them share precise and quality information through our blog and web where we try that all our customers and guests learn to distinguish a good product from a "bad and/or inferior" one with the sole purpose that everyone knows what they are buying. Just as we try to share quality information on how to interpret the labeling, how to train properly according to your goals, and a long etc.


Your purchase experience will be easy, simple, and pleasant. For this, we control the entire process since you place your order until it leaves our warehouse. We do not want you to just make an order, we want you to trust in us whenever you need to.

More and better on the way

This is just the beginning, we have barely started and each day we work to offer a more complete service, always innovating both in our products and all the aspects.

In HSN we have sent millions of products since we started in 2008

As we have previously mentioned, we are leaders in the market of supplements that are focused on taking care of our health and on sport nutrition. We have a long catalog with the best brands and we offer the best quality-price relation in our HSN brands. All these years, more than four hundred thousand customers have relied on us, on our products, our service and customer service, our ultra fast delivery (24 hours for peninsular Spain and Portugal and few days for the rest of the destinations).

Safety and data protection

We take it very seriously to protect the data of our customers and we manage them confidentially and according to the legal dispositions of data protection. By using SSL in all the site, we guarantee a shopping experience as safe as possible. Obtain more information about the HSN privacy policy here.

* For orders over 15.90€