Paleobull is a Spanish company that was created with a single objective: To offer the world a delicious and healthy snack as an alternative to the processed snacks that surround us and which are loaded with hydrogenated fats, sugars and additives.

After a meticulous research and development process, they made the well-known bars Paleo bull. The company has always followed a philosophy: To always use the best quality and 100% natural ingredients in their bars.

Additionally, it has been ensured that the bars have a balanced nutritional profile and that they provide natural sugars from fruit, healthy fats from nuts and proteins from seeds or egg white.

The final result has been the result of many tests and tastings, until the bars had the ideal texture and the best flavor, properties which seperates them from the rest of similar bars.

We are very proud to share with our customers the first paleo bars that are 100% Spanish.

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