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  • American style recipe for Powdered peanut butter with chocolate.
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  • Peanut butter powder, American recipe.
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PB2 Foods

PB2 Foods is an American food company dedicated to the production of food made out of peanuts. Its star product, the peanut, is present in all of the products that integrate this range.

PB2 Foods products are characterized for not including preservatives or artificial sweeteners in their production, designed for a public with an active lifestyle, who care for healthy eating habits.

Peanuts provide a source of vegetable proteins and carbohydrates. PB2 Foods offers a wide range of special products to be eaten between meals, as a snack, or that can be taken with breakfast.

We can highlight the following star products:

  • Peanut Butter Powder: This is the traditional style American recipe for peanut butter presented in a powder format to be added to recipes and desserts, as well as shakes and drinks. Its delicious and unmistakable peanut flavour makes it unique and, additionally, it has fewer calories than traditional peanut butter.
  • Peanut Butter: It is sold in different formats among which we can find soft, crunchy or chocolate peanut butter. Its texture is perfect to spread on toast, pancakes and buns.
  • Peanut Snacks and Oil: PB2 Foods goes beyond and offers snacks to satiate our appetite between meals, as well as pure peanut oil.

PB2 Foods continues to grow and produce peanut-based products. Their goal is to satisfy the needs and demands of their customers always offering a healthy product with less calories and fats than other products on the market.

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