Why should I Buy Phaseolamin?

Phaseolamin is a substance that we can find in beans. It was discovered in 1975 and it is a vegetable active ingredient that is actually being studied to know all its properties for human health.

The main feature of phaseolamin is its ability to inhibit amylase, which is an enzyme that is involved in the digestion of carbohydrates. In these capsules we can find an inhibitory activity of 8000IU.

60 people with obesity volunteered to a study in which they were given Phaseolus vulgaris extract for 6 months compared with a placebo group. The results pointed to the fact that Phaseolus vulgaris produces a remarkable loss of body weight in terms of fatty mass when compared to the preserved lean mass.

If you are looking for a carbs blocker you should try phaseolamin to help you lose weight.

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  • It provides 1g of phaseolamin per serving, with enzymatic activity.
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