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  • LIPO 6 AQUA LOSS - 80 caps - Nutrex
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    Minerals and plant extracts with diuretic properties.
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  • Essential mineral. Electrolytic balance. Support for the nervous system.
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  • Intra-workout to improve physical performance with glutamine, citrulline, bcaas, minerals and vitamins.
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This mineral belongs to the group or alkali metals, being one of the most abundant cations in our organism. Along with sodium, they regulate a great part of the cellular charge besides the osmotic balance, reason why they have a great influence over the intracellular fluid levels. Among its functions, it helps muscle contraction along with calcium, it regulates cellular permeability, and it even helps in the nervous transmission through its membrane depolarisation. A potassium deficiency is easily noticeable as it's often associated to cardiovascular and intestinal problems.

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