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    Inulin powder 100% pure.
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  • 5.75 billion organisms of probiotic mixture in each capsule to promote good digestive health.
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  • Mixture of probiotic strains (bifidobacteria and lactobacilli).
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  • Mixture of probiotic strains (bifidobacteria and lactobacilli).
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  • Probiotic Vegetable Charcoal with inulin to improve digestion and the digestive system.
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  • GINGER - 30 veg caps - Drasanvi
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    330mg Ginger with gingeroles.
    GF V
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  • 485mg of probiotics per vegetable capsule.
    V GMP
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  • Symbiotic (probiotics + prebiotics).
    40% off in Olimp with 9 Gifts
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  • Glutamine + probiotics and inulin in sticks. It provides 2000mg of L-glutamine per serving.
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  • Live probiotics with BioBeads® technology.
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  • 3 Billion live probiotics.
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What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are living bacteria and microorganism that live inside our body and which are good for our health, specially for the intestines or digestive system. Using probiotic or prebiotic supplements from natural healthcare will improve the presence of bacteria and microorganisms in our body. Here you have all the information.

Table of contents

    1. What are Probiotics?
    2. What are the elements from Probiotics?
    3. What are the Benefits of Probiotics (bacteria or vitamins) for our health?
    4. What are the Ingredients from probiotics?

What are the elements from Probiotics?

Probiotic supplements have the ability to improve and balance the intestinal flora of sportspeople. The choice of including natural probiotics as supplements in our daily diet is highly relevant, since our intestine is exposed to endless contaminant agents (harmful bacteria), microorganisms, and toxins on a daily basis.

According to several studies, probiotic (bacteria) products or supplements that follow a prevention and information protocol can benefit our intestinal health (as well as the digestion) and prevent gastrointestinal problems during international trips, specially if we travel to countries with hygiene problems. Taking natural capsules can be a good measure to protect and preserve our intestinal health.

According to several sources of information, probiotics and prebiotics can have positive effects on improving or maintaining a good health in a natural way, as well as reducing the risk of suffering respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases. These supplements can help to improve our intestinal flora and work like vitamins do during stressful periods, with a high volume of training or competitions.

Our online HSN store has several formats for probiotic supplements, like the case of HSNraw Inulin Powder a probiotic that has been produced in our own laboratory. It can also be consumed in capsules which can be easily transported in a little pillbox.

What are the Benefits of Probiotics (bacteria or vitamins) for our health?

  • Improving the immune response
  • Improved capacity to digest foods
  • Probiotic products increase our ability to absorb the nutrients from food in a natural way
  • Prebiotics increase our ability to synthesize Natural Vitamin B, which has benefit for our health

What are the Ingredients from probiotics?

Probiotics are nutritional supplements that help us to maintain a balanced intestinal flora and enhance the immune system of the athlete on a daily basis, including ingredients which help to relieve diarrhea or constipation in children and adults, apart from treating other disorders like inflammatory intestinal diseases.

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