Rough Skin
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  • Intensely hydrating feet cream. With mountain pine, coconut, shea, and beeswax.
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Rough Skin

Rough skin appears because of the excessive friction and pressure by shoes or weightlifting without gloves; some areas get yellowy and superficial layers of dead cells that accumulate on top of one another. They mainly appear on the heels and fingers. Improving and removing them is a very easy process that everyone can do at home. The most advisable step is to put the affected area in a warm-water bowl for a few minutes before starting, dry and rub gently with a pumice stone or a special blade.

Also, applying a scrub cream gently massaging the area is very useful. After that, apply a moisturising lotion to hydrate the area. In this regard, is it contains aloe vera, results will be even better. Once the whole process is over you will have renewed hands and feet with no imperfections.

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