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  • Cream made from Aloe vera, vitamin E, mint oil and cucumber. Specially for damaged skins.
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Scars, either caused by an accident or by acne, are one of the main concerns aesthetically speaking. however, nowadays, as you can see at HSN, there are many products whose main function is to cover them up to reduce them. Sometimes, it is impossible to eliminate them, even though sometimes it is necessary to use laser.

Humectant and hydrating creams moist the skin and reduce scars. Sun protection is important for scars as the sun makes them go darker and obvious.

On the other hand, makeups are an excellent option to cover them up. In addition, applying them is very easy as you just have to spread it on the area with the tip of your fingers. For this reason, anti-wrinkle creams, even though it might sound strange, are also very useful to reduce scars progressively.

Silicone layers, regenerating products with sodium hyaluronate and all creams containing aloe vera and rose hip are also very useful for scars.

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