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Schär is a company that started commercialising special nutrition products in 1922, chiefly dedicated to children nutrition. They developed their first gluten-free dietary product line, specially designed for children with digestive problems.

In 1981 they created the first complete free-gluten catalogue through a close collaboration with doctors and celiac associations.

The company, managed by Merano Ulrich Ladurner since 1981, ends up becoming the first gluten-free product company in Italy.

This is achieved thanks to the use of the latest technologies and quality improvements. Nowadays, we can find Schär products in any conventional market. Note that the product flavors and textures are really accomplished.


“Healthy nutrition is a matter of quality” Dr. Schär, leader in gluten-free production in Europe. “Using our expertise and commitment to help those with special nutritional requirements get more out of life”.

This company premises are safety, health, progress and ambition, which are also applied to its human resources policy. Respect and learning and a friendly team work atmosphere, create a favourable environment for creative ideas.

A mixed and complementary team is what has taken Dr. Shchär this far. For them, it is fundamental to develop the right environment to create, experiment, and provide their full potential.

All the employees feel a very close relationship with the company and its ideas, and participate in its development to become an international leader.

Types of products

Dr. Schär has a very wide range of products. Different seed and cereal bread, biscuits, cookies, bars, baking flour, sponge cakes, muffins, baking preparations, etc.

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