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Servivita is a low-calorie products brand that offers a wide range of healthy dressings and sauces.

Their product line of low-calorie sauces provide less that 1 calorie per serving. Additionally the Servivita sauces do not contain added sugars, they are suitable for people with celiac disease as they are made with no gluten, they are low in carbohydrates and do not contain fats.

The servivita sauces are perfect to dress your favourite dishes. They can be served with your main meals, such as meats, fish or salads.

Within Servivita's low-calorie sauces we may find sweet and savoury sauces. Among the savoury, the caesar dressing is ideal to dress salads or the honey mustard sauces is ideal for meats.

Regarding the sweet sauces we can make mention to the strawberry sauce with no added sugars, or the chocolate sauce, both perfect to combine with desserts of ice creams.

This new brand of sauces and products that are low in calories and sugar-free is recommended for all of the healthy life lovers who do not want to give up the delicious flavour of a sauce.

Servivita offers other products that also are characterised by its low calorie and sugar content.

The most outstanding characteristics of Servivita are:

  • 0% calories
  • 0% fats
  • No added sugars
  • Gluten-free
  • Wide range of delicious flavours
  • Ideal for people who chose a healthy lifestyle
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