Shark Cartilage

One of the main features of shark cartilage is the fact that it is a natural anti-inflammatory substace, which is why it can contribute to treating arthritis or joint problems.

It is a dietary supplement that is used preventively by athletes to take care of their joints.

It is a source of proteins, mucopolysaccharides, phosphorus, calciumcollagen and chondroitin sulfate.

Where can I purchase shark cartilage supplements?

These cartilage supplements (capsules, creams or oils) are available in parapharmacies, herbalist's shops or HSN online store.

Moreover, apart from all the nutritional properties of shark cartilage, it is also involved in the production of white cells, which are an essential defense mechanism against infections and diseases; it is also a perfect complement for those athletes who want to rebuild their muscle tissues after joint injuries or to prevent them when performing a big effort.

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Shark Cartilage Benefits and Properties

Shark Cartilage: More than Support for your Joints

Shark cartilage has been used for many years as a supplement to improve the joint health. Athletes have been able to benefit from its properties in order to avoid their deterioration due to an excess of physical exercise. However, many studies have proven that this product can treat other diseases...

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  • CARTIMAR PLUS - Marnys
    Provides 492.17mg of shark cartilage per capsule. With vitamin C and vitamin B6.

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  • Shark cartilage. Provides 900mg of shark cartilage and 900mg of monounsaturated fatty acids complex per daily dose.
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  • OSEOGEN 375g - Drasanvi
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    Glucosamine sulphate, Chondroitin, Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen, vitamins and minerals, an excellent combination to promote good joint health.
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  • Shark cartilage. Provides 4500mg of shark cartilage per daily dose.
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  • OSEOGEN - 72 caps - Drasanvi
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    Formula that contains Marine Collagen, Shark cartilage, Chondroitin, Glucosamine Sulfate, minerals and vitamins to promote good bone and joint health.
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