Shiitake mushrooms has been a icon of longevity in Asia for a long time due to its properties for our health and they have been used in traditional medicine. Nowadays, we can purchase them in a supermarket and they are available in different formats (fresh, dry, dehydrated or as food supplements). They have become very popular around the whole world due to their anticancer properties, apart from their valuable nutrients. Moreover, the individual cultivation of their seeds is also trending.

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Shiitake mushrooms have, among others, the eight essential amino acids for our organism: vitamins A, B, B12, C and D, iron, minerals (zinc, copper, potassium, manganese) and they even have a component that absorbs the fat, called linoleic acid, which is also useful for athletes who want to lose weight or gain some physical definition for their competitions.

The main benefits that shiitake mushrooms can provide with all these nutrients and an affordable price are:

  • Strengthening the immune system. They usually help with viral and bacterial problems since they stimulate the production of interferon, lymphocytes T and macrophages. Thus, they can help to fight against herpes, the flu or colds, which has been proven in recent research studies.
  • Shiitake mushrooms are products which help in cases of cancer and tumors, since they have an antioxidant effect (containing lentinan, beta glucan, superoxide dismutase enzyme, vitamins A, C, E and selenium). The most important research has been carried out after discovering the effects of this mushroom on the health of rodents. These effects have also been reported on human beings, although in smaller field and therefore, less renowned.
  • Supporting in cardiovascular diseases, because shiitake mushrooms help to control the hypertension, lower the cholesterol and reduce the viscosity of the blood.
  • Stimulating the digestion since they have many enzymes, especially pepsin and trypsin.
  • Shiitake mushrooms are an anti-aging food since it contains many antioxidants.
  • They have ergosterol, a nutrients that transforms into vitamin D.
  • Their supply of linoleic acid helps to produce different types of prostaglandins. 

Shiitake Mushrooms against cancer

Shiitake mushrooms have been used for some time to stop the symptoms of diseases like AIDS or cancer, since they stimulate the immune system. They are also advised for people with heart problems because they can help to lower the blood cholesterol levels. At the same time, it can be useful to treat diseases like hepatitis, since it produces a group of natural proteins called interferon which can dtect and stop the development of viruses. The studies on animals shed some light on the properties of the shiitake mushrooms. In the next few years, we hope to see reports of its benefits for the human body.

Lentinan and beta glucan, two of the compounds from these mushrooms, are capable of inhibiting the growth of tumors, their activity and the consequences of cancer treatments. This polysaccharide stimulates the immune system by creating more macrophages and T cells to attack cancer.

In Japan, one of the countries that cultivates more Shiitake, they use lentinan to detect and prevent chromosomal damage due to cancer treatments, like chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The clinical essays have proven that lentinan can prolong and improve the quality of life of those patients who have suffered from cancer and who are undergoing chemotherapy.

Nutritional Information

100g of raw Shiitake Mushrooms provide:

  • 34 calories
  • 6.8g of carbohydrates
  • 2.3mg of sugar
  • 2.5g of fiber
  • 9mg of sodium
  • 89.7g of water
  • 2.2g of protein
  • 3.9mg of vitamin B3
  • 1.5mg of vitamin B5
  • 1.3mg of B vitamins
  • 92mg of calcium
  • 304mg of potassium
  • 20mg of magnesium
  • 112mg of phosphorus
  • 9mg of sodium
  • 1.03mg of zinc
  • 5.7mg of selenium
  • 0g of total fat
  • 0mg of cholesterol

Where can I buy Shiitake Mushrooms?

Shiitake mushrooms can be consumed in different formats due to the blooming of its cultivation in Europe and the United States in order to include these products in our diet, like any other mushroom. Some of them are natural products and others are a mushroom extract.

At HSN, we have some of these formats available at the best price.


You can purchase shiitake mushrooms in a supermarket and eat them as a common mushroom. It is advisable to clean them properly, wash them with water and dry them afterwards, removing all the dirt. Do not eat it if you perceive a change of color in different areas of their cap. Shiitake mushrooms can be used in any traditional recipe. It is not advisable to eat these mushrooms more than once in a week, since they could trigger some kind of reaction. Do not keep them in the fridge for more than a week approximately from the moment you purchased them. From the best price to other formats.


Their sale and consumption are becoming more common, since they last for a longer time. Their consumption is going to be the same as the raw ones, since they preserve all the rich nutritional values, as well as their curious and unique flavor.


The demand of dehydrated shiitake mushrooms has increased in the last few years due to all their advantages. You can find them at supermarkets or herbalist's shops, even though their price can be a little bit higher. Dehydrating these mushrroms is a preservation method that lasts up to two years, they provide a lot of flavor when they are added to stews, apart from the fact that they are more affordable, since 10g of dehydrated shiitake mushrooms equals 100g of fresh mushrooms.

If you want to hydrate the mushrooms, you just need to soak them for 60 minutes in water. Strain and throw away the water that you have used. You can to clean them carefully under a stream of fresh water and try to avoid mixing them with other foods until they are completely clean.


They are available in products sold in parapharmacies and herbalist's shops, shiitake mushrooms are used specially to enrich and add flavor to your recipes. It is advisable to add one or two spoonfuls to dishes, sauces, shakes, juices, etc. The shiitake mushrooms powder can be added to soups, sauces, or to salad dressings. Improve the flavor of your homemade recipes, providing a touch of smoked flavor. This mushroom is also used as a tea and as shiitake extract.


Most of them come in capsules or tablets with shiitake mushroom extract, containing all the nutritional benefits in the recommended daily amount for our body. These mushroom supplements can be added to the daily diet, consuming them with the main meals of the day and at the best price. It is advisable to follow the indications of each product, apart from consulting your doctor or specialist if you have any doubt and/or before consuming them.

Fresh, dry or dehydrated, powdered or as a food supplement, there are many formats so that it will be easy to add them to any recipe while always taking advantages of their benefits for our organism. It is no surprise that the individual cultivation of shiitake mushrooms has become so popular.

You can purchase some of the formats that we have mentioned here, at HSN, always at the best price. The products are ready for immediate dispatch.

Shiitake Mushroom

Shiitake Mushroom - Enhance your Immune System

In the last few years, the shiitake mushroom has become a very demanded product due to its properties to combat cancer cells. Moreover, it is an element that helps us fight against infections and cardiovascular diseases. Some of its nutritional properties are having a great vitamin B content, as well as a pleasant flavor. This is one of the reasons why it has been traditionally used for cooking.

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