Skin Pigmentation

Skin pigmentation marks are usually black or brown and they usually appear on those skin areas constantly exposed to the sunlight. In fact, sun is one of the main causes for skin pigmentation, as well as ageing. In this regard, skin pigmentation is more common from 40 years age on. They are not health dangerous but they are not aesthetically accepted.

Nowadays, there is a great variety of anti pigmentation treatments whose main purpose is to reduce these marks pigmentation as much as possible. Furthermore, if the person using the treatment is constant and patient, they can be totally removed. Normally, these treatments are presented in cream or lotion formats and contain hydroquinone.

Skin pigmentation usually appear on the back of the hands, forearms and face (specially on the forehead) because they are the areas most exposed to sunlight. In fact, skin pigmentation creams usually contain either a high or lower sun protection factor.

HSNstore offers a wide variety of anti pigmentation treatments so you get to reduce marks and even remove them in a safe way.

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